Image of People in STUDIO exhibit

“My Youth Still Lives With You”: Images and their Paradoxes at the Museum

MSU Museum Director Mark Auslander reports on the Museum’s new exhibition on studio photography from the West African country of Mali, and reflects on the enigmatic power of images, which can represent a thing at a distance while also seeming to be that thing itself. Last Wednesday, the Museum opened

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Image of Citizen Scholars

Squint Harder: Collaborative Discovery in the Museum

Museum Director Mark Auslander ruminates on the idea of slow looking, inspired by the Museum’s collaborative evening event with the College of Arts and Letter’s new Citizen Scholar program. Students in the program were challenged to look carefully in and around the Museum and write new imaginative labels for objects.

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From ‘Lucy” to Lego Robots: Tools and the Making of Community

Museum Director Mark Auslander reflects on the many meanings of tools, inspired by the Museum’s partnership evening event with the Lansing non-profit Information Technology Empowerment Center” (ITEC)— in which children raced their robots through the Museum’s ground floor galleries of Evolution and World Culture. Beyond their obvious technical uses, what

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Image of Bird Conservation Exhibition

Of Feathers and Festivals: The Power of Place

This month, the Museum opens a new exhibition on Michigan Bird Conservation, and hosts the 30th annual Great Lakes Folk Festival (August 11, 12, 13). What do these seemingly disparate activities have in common?  Museum Director Mark Auslander muses on all that links together “feathers and festivals,” and announces the

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Image of Mark with bear

New Feature: Letter from the Director

Between “Resonance” and “Wonder”: The Museum’s Brown Bear Director’s Letter: July 2017 The large, standing Brown Bear is one of the most iconic and beloved objects in the MSU Museum’s vast collections. Where did it come from, how did it end up on the second floor, and what does it

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