Image of the exterior of the MSU Museum

The MSU MUSEUM Receives the 2019 Teal Ribbon Award

The MSU Museum was selected by the Michigan State University Sexual Assault Program to receive the 2019 Teal Ribbon Award for the Museum’s commitment to building awareness and elevating sister survivors’ voices. The teal ribbon is the international symbol promoting sexual assault awareness. An award ceremony will be held on

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Re-woven Journeys: Improvisation and the Spirit of “Accreditation”

In his April 2019 letter, MSU Museum Director Mark Auslander reflects on the Museum’s recent re-accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums. In a formal sense, accreditation demands detailed planning and a demonstrated ability to implement a long-term “road map.” Yet, for a university museum the spirit of accreditation, that

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StoryWalk at the MSU Museum

Double Time in the Museum: Lines, Circles, and In Between

In his March 2019 letter, MSU Museum Director Mark Auslander considers how we tell and discover stories inside museums. When do we encounter stories told in a linear or chronological fashion, and when might we encounter stories that stand outside of conventional sequences of time, in eternal cycles? Perhaps, he

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The MSU Museum building with the MSU Science Festival logo

MSU Science Festival is set for April 5-20, 2019

The theme for the 7th annual MSU Science Festival is “Unraveling the Mysteries.” “Unraveling the Mysteries” will give everyone the opportunity to explore and learn— whether you are a junior scientist or a lifelong learner. The line-up will include topics on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), with talks,

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Repatriating “Ñusta” to the People of Bolivia

Returning to her Eternal Home: Repatriating Ñusta to the People of Bolivia

In his February 2019 letter, MSU Museum Director Mark Auslander reflects on the recent repatriation to Bolivia of “Ñusta” the 500-year-old mummified ancestral remains of a young girl, after her 129 year-long sojourn in the MSU Museum collections. What lessons does “Ñusta” and her long journey have for us, as

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Image of the exterior of the MSU Museum

MSU Museum to Return Bolivian Mummy

SPECIAL CEREMONY SET FOR TUESDAY, JANUARY 22 IN WASHINGTON D.C. The human remains of a young Bolivian girl, recently given the honorary title of Ñusta meaning princess in the indigenous language off Aymara will be heading home soon after a 129 year stay at Michigan State University. A special ceremony

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Teal Ribbon tied around a tree on the campus of MSU to support sexual assault survivors

MSU Museum Partners With The Army of Survivors To Launch Speaker Series On Effects Of Sexual Violence

The Michigan State University Museum and The Army of Survivors have partnered to launch a roundtable discussion series to raise awareness and provide education on the effects of sexual violence. The series will kick off on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. Four sessions will be held at the MSU Museum and

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Silk-based Butterfly Dress created by Alexandra Bourque

Butterflies are Good to Think: Healing Partnerships with the Sister Survivors

In his January 2019 letter, MSU Museum Director Mark Auslander considers the deepening partnership between the Museum and the sister survivors and allies associated with the vast sexual abuse crisis that has been centered on MSU. Emerging out of the teal ribbon conservation project, described in the August 2018 Director’s

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A New Interactive StoryWalk Opens at MSU Museum

A new interactive StoryWalk is available on the second floor at the MSU Museum. It features the book, “Because of an Acorn” by Lola Schaefer. The StoryWalk is a collaboration between East Lansing Public Library (ELPL) and the Museum. “StoryWalks are a wonderful way of putting a fun, interactive twist

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The 1920 Christmas Number for The Graphic, featuring a drawing by R. Higgins

Masks for the Holidays: Mystery and the Regeneration of Life

In his December 2018 letter, MSU Museum Director Mark Auslander reflects on the Museum’s collections as he considers the curious symbolism of masks used during the holiday season, from Halloween masks, to the masked figure of Santa Claus, to New Year’s masquerades. Speculatively, Auslander proposes an anthropological interpretation of the

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