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Aiman Boxwalla

Aiman Boxwalla

MSU Museum Information Services Student Employee
Major: Advertising Management
Minor: Public Relations

Originally from Farmington Hills, Michigan, Aiman will begin her junior year this fall at Michigan State University. In addition to her love of spending time looking at the exhibits at the MSU Museum, she became interested in working at the Museum because of a referral from a friend who previously worked at the Museum. She said that one of the best aspects of working in the Museum is seeing kids fascinated by the Museum exhibits.

Her favorite exhibit at the MSU Museum is the long term exhibit “Habitat Hall.” Aiman says that she likes this exhibition space because she enjoys nature and learning about different climates and animals. “Habitat Hall” is also home to the areas only fully mounted dinosaurs skeletons of Stegosaurs and Allosaurs.

After graduation Aiman would like to work in public relations and event planning with nonprofit and charity organizations that she supports. In her free time Aiman enjoys hiking, drawing and painting.

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