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Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Alena Bowman

Alana Bowman

MSU Museum Student Presenter for the Science On a Sphere Exhibit

Major: Lyman Briggs College (Environmental Biology/Zoology)

Minors: Spanish
               Conservation, Recreation, and Environmental Enforcement

Alena Bowman is a student presenter for the new Science On a Sphere (SOS) exhibit at the MSU Museum, originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Alena is in her third year at Michigan State University with plans to graduate in fall 2020. Her work at the Museum is focused on educational programs in the SOS Gallery. Alena became interested in the position because of her love of science and history, additionally, she plans on working in the field of environmental education.

Alena started her work at the MSU Museum in January 2020, but she has volunteered at Museum events, including Darwin Discovery Day and MSU Science Festival’s Night at the Museums. She said that the best part of working at the Museum is helping people make connections between history and the present through data sets on SOS.

Her favorite exhibit at the MSU Museum is the temporary exhibit “Under One Sky: Global Connections in an Adire Quilt.” Alena said that she enjoys this exhibition because it explores the cultural aspects involved with astronomy and the connections that art creates around the globe.

After graduation Alena would like to work as an interpretive park ranger at a national park. She visited many national parks as a child, which fostered her interest in the field. Eventually, she is hoping to have the opportunity to teach people about natural science and history in amazing places all over the country. In her free time, Alena enjoys playing viola in the concert orchestra, working as a consultant at the Writing Center, figure skating, rock climbing, playing the piano, reading, and crossword puzzles.

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