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Barbara Lundrigan

Image of Barbara Lundrigan
Curator, Mammalogy & Ornithology
(517) 355-6752

Research Interests/Experience

Dr. Lundrigan's research integrates data from a variety of sources (behavior, morphology, and molecules) to address questions in mammalian evolution. Recent examples include a comparative study of behavioral and morphological ontogeny in carnivores (with K. Holekamp), a comparative study of brain morphology and temporal niche evolution in rodents (with L. Smale), and exploration of climate-induced changes in the small mammal communities of the Northern Great Lakes region (with P. Myers).

Dr. Lundrigan encourages her graduate students to work on projects of their own devising within the broad realm of ecology, behavior, morphology, and systematics of mammals. Current graduate students are studying the influence of skull ontogeny on life-history strategies in carnivores and temporal niche evolution in rodents.

Selected Publications

  • Swanson, E., K.E. Holekamp, B. Lundrigan, B. Arsnoz, and S. Sakai (2012) Multiple determinants of whole and regional brain volume among terrestrial carnivorans. PLOS ONE 7(6): 1-11.
  • LaCroix, S., M.L. Zelditch, J.A. Shivik, B.L. Lundrigan, and K.E. Holekamp (2011) Ontogeny of feeding performance and biomechanics in coyotes. Journal of Zoology, London 285:301-315.
  • Lundrigan, B. (2010) Standard methods for measuring mammals. In: Wild Mammals in Captivity, Principles and Techniques (H. Harris, D.G. Kleiman, M.E. Allen, K.V. Thompson, eds.) University of Chicago Press, Chicago.
  • Myers, P., B. Lundrigan, S. Hoffman, A. Haraminac, and S. Seto (2009) Climate-induced changes in the small mammal communities of the northern Great Lakes, Global Change Biology, 15, 1434-1454.
  • Holekamp, K., S. Sakai, and B. Lundrigan (2007). Social intelligence in the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta), Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 362:523-538.
  • Zelditch, M., J. Mezey, B. L. Lundrigan, and T. Garland, Jr. (2006). Developmental regulation of skull morphology II: Ontogenetic dynamics of covariance, Evolution and Development, 8: 46-60.
  • Lundrigan, B.L., S. Jansa and P.K. Tucker (2002). Phylogenetic relationships in the genus Mus based on maternally, paternally, and bi-parentally inherited characters. Systematic Biology 51: 410-431.

Selected Exhibitions

  • "The Social Brain Drain: New Application of 3-D Modeling Technology," with S. Sakai and E. Yoon, November 2015 - June 30, 2016
  • “POW-erful Design; Adaptation & Comics as Inspiration,” with S. Thomas, MSU Museum, Spring 2012
  • “Animal Weapons: Nature's Arms Race,” with M. Gottfried, MSU Museum, March-October 2000


Ph.D., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan
M.A., Biology, Smith College