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Blair Zaid

Blair Zaid

MSU Museum Graduate Student Collections Research Assistant
Ph.D. Candidate in African American and African Studies (AAAS) and Anthropology 

Blair Zaid received both her bachelor's and mater's degrees from Michigan State University and is currently pursuing a dual doctoral degree from AAAS and Anthropology. Blair manages the volunteers and curation project for the anthropology collection at the MSU Museum. She is inspired to work with anthropology collections because it offers an opportunity to learn about a wide breath of Michigan historical and prehistorical topics, all while helping students to develop a curiosity for archaeology and human culture.

Her doctoral research is focused on the early Iron Age Bantu speaking people of west Africa. She is particularly interested in studying settlement strategies in the Congo River Basin and more broadly patterns of prehistoric cultural change in Africa and the African Diaspora. In addition to her research, she enjoys teaching, participating in the MSU Museum’s Annual Darwin Discovery Day, and visiting the MSU Museum with her family.

Photography Credit
Pearl Yee Wong