Michigan State University

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Isabel Hershey

Isabel Hershey

MSU Museum Education Team Intern

Majors: Arts and Humanities
Minors: Peace and Justice Studies
               Human Behavior and Social Services
               Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Isabel Hershey, a student intern with the Education Team at the MSU Museum, is originally from Haslett and East Lansing, Michigan. Isabel is in her junior year at Michigan State University with plans to graduate in Spring 2021. Her work at the Museum is focused on coordinating educational events. Isabel became interested in an internship at the museum after visiting many museums (including the MSU Museum) and seeing the community values museums present through exhibits. Due to her love of history, culture, art, and teaching, she enjoys time in the MSU Museum.

The Museum’s capacity for community building and engagement along with the friendly informative environment are important to Isabel. She enjoys working with the Education Team and learning about how museums create programs to help the community learn about various science and culture topics.

Her favorite exhibit at the MSU Museum is the new long-term exhibit “Science On a Sphere.” Isabel said that she enjoys this exhibition because it is interactive and has potential to inspire the community to learn more about our universe and nature as a whole.

After graduation Isabel would like to create a positive community learning center focused around solutions-based problem solving and grassroots organization strategies. In her free time Isabel enjoys painting, sculpting, and making music playlists for her friends.

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