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Giving supports exhibits, collections, and educational programs at the MSU Museum! Please scroll down to see all giving opportunities.

MSU Museum General Fund

Your generous support ensures that the MSU Museum continues to be a special place to explore, discover and experience. Gifts can be directed to specific areas including exhibitions, education, and collections, or you can contribute to the Museum’s general fund and allow the MSU Museum to allocate your gift to where it is needed most.


Cultural and Historical Collections Fund

Cultural artifacts document history and express human creativity and diversity. We are interested in how artifacts are made, how they are used, how they express human values and how they influence society and the lives of individuals. Our focus is on the cultural history of the Great Lakes region, and its roots and connections with other cultures. Collections are an irreplaceable world resource held in trust for the long-term benefit of society. Gifts to our cultural history collection fund ensure that the MSU Museum continues to maintain standards of ethical and professional excellence in collections care and preservation.


Education Fund

The MSU Museum offers educational programming for all ages including a preschool program, MSU student internships, a docent program, and interactive science and culture programs year-round. Gifts to our education fund ensure that the MSU Museum continues to provide educational programming that engages audiences, facilitates understanding, and inspires discovery.


Exhibitions Fund

At the MSU Museum, exhibitions reflect current research and scholarship, provide unique opportunities for informal learning, and model best practices in museology and inclusive excellence. Gifts to the MSU Museum Exhibitions Fund ensure that the Museum continues to present new and exciting exhibitions that inspire inquiry, reflection, new knowledge, and action.


Natural Science Collections Fund

Natural science specimens document the natural world, past and present. They are a critical resource for scientists and provide a biological database that is the basis for our understanding of the evolution and diversity of life on Earth. The Museum holds specimens of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and vertebrate fossils. Gifts to our natural science collections fund ensure that the MSU Museum continues to maintain standards of ethical and professional excellence in collections care and preservation.


Science On a Sphere Fund

Help support the Science On a Sphere (SOS) program at the MSU Museum. This stunning learning technology from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a large globe on which is projected hundreds of datasets, showing changing weather, environmental and social conditions all over planet Earth. Your generous support is an important gift to all of our young people, and to future generations --- who will learn and be inspired by the mysteries of our changing planet.


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