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New quilt on display!

Midnight SkyYoruba quilt
Adesola Kilani Falade
Osogbo, Nigeria
MSU Museum #2000:66.3

Looking at the sky in December 1997, I noticed how beautiful the sky was and I took my pencil and think about making a quilt like it.
–Adesola Kilani Falade

Adesola Kilani Falade is an artist of the Nike Center for Art and Culture. The Center was established in 1988 in Osogbo, Nigeria by Oyenike “Nike” Okundaye to offer training in the arts, helping students to build skills to earn a living through art.

Midnight Sky is made of a type of traditional Yoruba cloth known as adire. The Yoruba people are a large ethnic group in Nigeria and Benin (West Africa). Adire is created by using resist dye techniques to create dramatic blue on blue patterns. To create the designs, cloth is folded, tied, and stitched with raffia or cotton thread prior to dying. The manipulation of cloth allows some areas to not receive dye and to remain white. The effect can also be created by painting dye resistant starch onto fabric prior to the dye process.