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Image of Teacher helps three elementary students examine a cricket specimenWe offer many opportunities to enhance your visit to the MSU Museum or to bring museum resources into your classroom. Contact us for more information.

Take your field trip further !

Senses for Survival (Grades 1-2)

Explore how animals rely on their own senses and the senses of other animals to survive and reproduce. Students will apply their knowledge in a hands-on activity with preserved crickets.

Expedition Classify (Grades 3-4)

Learn about how scientists classify animals based on traits shared with recent ancestors. Students will gather data and use a classification key to identify mystery animals.

Masks: What’s Behind Them? (Grades 4-7)

Learn about the roles that masks play in cultures all over the world. Students will identify the customs related to selected masks and apply their knowledge in a creative activity.

Program Details

  • Designed to complement the students’ visit to the Michigan State University Museum
  • 30-minute interactive presentation
  • Materials provided to extend the program theme to exhibits throughout the museum
  • All programs showcase MSU Museum collections
  • Cost: $1.00 per student ($25 minimum per presentation)

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Email: museumed@msu.edu
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“The MSU Museum and the Department of Anthropology provide a thoroughly engaging, hands-on program that truly brings to life our “Early Humans” curriculum. The experience is onsistently regarded as one of the highlights of middle school by our young social scientists!”

—6th grade Social Studies teacher

What makes us different from our ancestors?

How can we study early humans?

The Michigan State University Museum and Department of Anthropology have teamed up to provide a hands-on program for middle school students to learn about anthropology and human evolution! MSU student ambassadors will come to your school and lead the class in hands-on activities and mini-lessons using casts of real fossil hominins. The program supports social studies and science curricula and offers a teamwork-based approach to making science and anthropology fun!

There are five slots currently available for the 2017—2018 school year. Please contact Julie Fick, MSU Museum’s Science Education Specialist, for scheduling details.



Phone: 517-355-2372
Email: fick@msu.edu
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