Recovering Voices: Honoring Survivors and Allies at the MSU MuseumTeal paper flower

The MSU Museum is committed to documenting, preserving, and sharing the stories of the survivors of the horrific sexual abuse scandal that has impacted so many in recent years.

We also seek to document the struggles of the survivors and their allies to transform the culture of MSU and to educate the broader public on issues of abuse, healing, and transformation.

The Museum documents and collects objects of material culture, including:

  • Tribute ribbons affixed to trees, along with associated labels and tags
  • Banners, placards, signs
  • T-shirts, buttons, ribbons, and other wearable objects of protest and solidarity
  • In some instances, visual works of art created by survivors and allies

The Museum is working closely with the University Archives, which collects textual, aural, photographic, and social media materials related to the crisis.

The Museum is also working with our Survivors and Allies Advisory Council to develop a collaboratively curated exhibition on the crisis and associated struggles for transformation. “Finding our Voice: Sister Survivors Speak” will open April 16, 2019. We are also developing, in partnership with survivors, regional non-profits, and campus specialists, appropriate educational materials on abuse prevention and recovery.

Video Description – “Understanding Trauma: Scientific, Clinical, and Interpretive Perspectives on Sexual Violence.”
Panel conversation at the MSU Museum

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Moderated by:
Heather L. McCauley,
MSU Human Development and Family Studies Department 
Rebecca Campbell, MSU Department of Psychology
Tana Fedewa, MSU Sexual Assault Program
Amy Bonomi, MSU Human Development and Family Studies Department
Nicole Buchanan, MSU Department of Psychology
Melissa Hudecz, The Army of Survivors
Apryl Pooley, Firecracker Foundation Board President

Video Description – “Theorizing the Senate Hearings: Survivor Narratives at This Moment of Crisis”
Panel conversation at the MSU Museum
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
In the wake of the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings, how might we theorize which voices have been foregrounded, which dissipated or actively suppressed? How should we characterize the gendered politics and poetics of emotion, pain, rage, and entitlement in mass media coverage, social media, and other arenas of discourse? What forms of mobilization and intervention, including in domains of art and museum practice, might make a difference in building deeper understandings of sexual violence, its contexts, and ramifications?
Moderated by:
Melanie Jacobs, Law School, MSU
Melissa Hudecz, Reporting and Research Chair, The Army of Survivors
Tamara Butler, English Department, MSU
Soma Chaudhuri, Sociology Department, MSU
Teresa Mastin, Chair, Advertising and Public Relations, MSU

For more information on the collection and exhibition projects please contact:

Mark Auslander, Museum Director
Mary Worrall, Curator of Textiles and Social Justice

Removing a ribbon from a tree

Dr. Mark Auslander’s Director’s Letter for August 2018, “Trees as Witnesses: Honoring the Survivors,” on the origins of the teal ribbon project.

Dr. Mark Auslander’s second annual director’s lecture, “Museums as Sites of Healing: Empathy, Repair, and Critical Reflection,”: exploring the teal ribbon project (September 13, 2018)

Our community partners include:

The Firecracker Foundation
Small Talk Children’s Assessment Center
The Museum works in close consultation with the MSU Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Expert Advisory Workgroup

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